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Where we come from

Commitment, belief and goodwill was enough for three friends to steer one of theirs clear off the worst.

Rehabilitation back in 1989 was not a common exercise; thus, in their effort to breathe life again in their addicted friend, they sought a simple solution: a tent, away from temptations, far from life’s challenges and stress; support starting building up little by little, with Bishop Guy Paul Njeim providing all required food supplies and aid.

Being a man of God, Bishop Njeim was a natural refuge for other dark souls seeking the light; the humble tent soon became the home of 9 young men who were joined by one simple goal: overcome their weaknesses for a brighter future. This humble individual initiative was but the cornerstone that led to the official foundation of Oum el Nour in 1990, driven by Bishop Njeim and supported by Mr. Gabriel Debbane and Mr. William Meskawi, as a Lebanese nonprofit,

non-governmental social organization registered under decree n° 120/ad.

Ever since, Oum el Nour has developed its various programs, covering prevention, rehabilitation and integration, to become home for thousands of those willing to overcome their addiction and seeking proper guidance and support.

Mission - Vision - Objectives


Oum el Nour is committed to serving individuals through helping them overcome their addiction, in order to attain a healthy society characterized by sustainable growth.

Among the most important values Oum el Nour adheres to:

Respecting individuals, regardless of their color, religion, creed, or social status

Having a deep faith in divine providence as well as in the capacity of individuals to change for a better life

Maintaining a high level of professionalism in dealing with others

Benefiting efficiently from available resources in a way that conforms to transparency and accountability principles


Oum el Nour aims at gradually decreasing the addiction rates in Lebanon and increasing awareness of the various factors leading to such, as drug addiction has become an extensive problem, with destructive causes and consequences for individuals, families, and society.

Thus, it continuously endeavors to implement tested programs and set up new ones to welcome, guide, rehabilitate, accompany, and follow drug addicts. In addition to rehabilitation, Oum El Nour is highly active on the prevention and integration folds; such is possible thanks to its highly skilled staff who is able to comprehend and apply the latest scientific tools and methods, as well as adapt them to the Lebanese society's specificity.


In accordance with its mission and its vision aiming to approach the problem of addiction as a whole, Oum el Nour strives to achieve the following objectives:

Raise awareness on the psychological, health, and economic risks of drugs on individuals, families, and the Lebanese society, particularly the youth

Welcome drug addicts, study their health and social conditions, specify their needs, work with them on defining priorities to overcome their addiction through Oum el Nour or other concerned parties

Help drug addicts get treated through the rehabilitation program

Support parents in their trial and accompany them in helping their children undergo treatment and prevention

Help drug addicts get treated through the rehabilitation program

Follow up on ex-drug addicts after their rehabilitation program, strengthen their immunity against drug addiction, and help them reintegrate society and become active members in it

Sister Organizations

Drug Free Lebanon – DFL

Drug Free Lebanon is a non-profit, 501©(3) corporation registered in Washington DC.

Tax ID number 20-3373214.

All donations are tax deductible


Oum el Nour – France, is a French association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and registered under number W751109365.
Its head office is located at 15 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris.

If you wish to donate, please contact us by mail: oumelnour.france@gmail.com or by phone 06 76 49 88 70 for further information.

Board Members

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Board of Trustees
Mr. Raymond Audi
Mr. Raffael Debbané
Mr. Rabih Frem
Mr. Antoine Meguerdish
HE Mr. Marwan Hamadé
Mr. Georges Doumet
Mr. Salim Eddé
HE Dr. Atef Majdalani
Mr. Mustapha Assaad
HE Mr. Ziad Baroud

Mr. Pierre Farah
Mr. Carl Bistany
Mr. Shadi Karam
Mr. Armand Phares
Mr. Mazen Mousallem
Mr. Antoine Amatoury
Mrs. Rose Choueiri
Mrs. Berthe Chaghouri
Mrs. Diana Fadel
Mrs. Liliane Moutran

Mrs. Nada Bocti
Mrs. Randa Khalil
Mr. Pierre Issa
Mrs. Joumana Bassil Chlela
Mr. Micky Charbel
Mrs. Mona Safadi

Relation Committee & Friends of Oum el Nour
Mrs Vera Mokbel
Mme Rosy Saadi
Mme Carine Chamieh
Mme Mona Yazigi
Mme Celine Dommar
Mme Lody Chamoun
Mme Camila Khoury
Mme Angele Moghabghab
Mme Regina Fenianos
Mme Nelly Kikano
Mme Rita Dabaghian
Mme Rima Tabbara
Mme Hanan Haddad
Mme Jocquine Chami
Mme Marlene Abillama
Mme Aline Aour
Mona Doumit
Gladys Majdalani